About me

My life is characterized by a lot of movement, and hence a lot of change. And with a lot of change, many opportunities arise.
The most important quality necessary to realize those opportunities is flexibility. I have tried to develop this power within me, as soon as I became consciously aware of it. What followed were a lot of challenges I had to accept in order to discover what these challenges are trying to teach me.

My first such challenge was the fall of the Berlin Wall, since it carried with it a lot of uncertainty in terms of what the future might now look like. On the one hand I was looking forward to the new, but on the other hand I left behind my vocational training at Salzmannschule in Schnepfenthal (http://www.salzmannschule.de), from which I was to graduate after high school with a preliminary diploma as an interpreter. I had been staying at their boarding school and was exposed to the finest socialist indoctrination. What this socialism taught me, among other things, is how freedom-loving I am…

Shortly after the Wall came down, my parents moved to Nuremberg, but not long after that they returned to the East. Torn between different impulses, my family and I made the decision that I would pursue my high school diploma in Nuremberg, living there by myself.
This time in my life was very important to me; as a so-called ”minor“ I had to deal with numerous every-day issues on my own, yet this experience showed me that there is nothing you need to fear. Fate rewards courage with knowledge, by way of experience.

My next challenge was already waiting for me:
Not long after the move to Nuremberg and my time alone at school there, it so happened that I took part in the model contest ”Traummädchen Deutschlands“ (Germany´s dreamgirl) and actually won. A contract with a big German modeling agency kicked off the next phase in my life.
Part of the prize money of this contest was a trip to Los Angeles, where I was to meet several very famous VIPs. The realization of “Whatever you do, just do it from the bottom of your heart“ burned itself deeply into my mind and broadened my horizons. While all I had ever heard in Germany was “No“, suddenly all I was hearing was “Yes you can.“
The American dream basically starts with the attempt of making this dream come true, and at this crucial crossroads it is not smothered by all the fears and apprehensions that are conveyed to you in Europe.

Inspired by all the smiling, friendly Americans living this “Yes you can“ attitude, I returned to Germany after 6 months in Los Angeles, and back home fate had a new wonderful challenge in store for me:
At an event in Berlin an actors´ agent approached me and asked whether I would like to work as an actress, seeing as she was looking for exactly the type of person I represented.
With these words, Wiebke Reed changed my entire life, since she created the platform upon which my life then took a completely new turn. I attended the audition for “Sterne des Südens“ (Southern Stars) and immediately became part of the core team of this TV series. What followed were eight amazing months in the sun during which I was able to gain my first experiences as a lead actress.
The years that followed were characterized by auditions for movies, by job offers and rejections, acting lessons and vocal training.
When choosing my roles, I always tried to keep in mind to make the diversity within me come alive. This is not very easy in Germany, because the pigeonholes you are put into are rather small. I tried to counteract this trend. Once I would play the virtuous trainee nurse in “St. Angela“, then I would play a minister´s wife who spends her nights dancing in a bar in ”The red mile“, then the evil snake in “Girl over board“, and shortly after that a loving romantic in a Rosamunde Pilcher movie – and so many other roles. I was allowed to act out all these different colors within me in more than 60 movies.

However, I soon realized that while this life as an artist is part of my being, a different part of me still needed stability. But how was I to experience stability if the people calling the shots in editorial offices changed faster than the seasons?!

Thus I made the decision to use my experiences from my time as a photo model in order to realize my dream of having a company of my own. And so I founded “Most Wanted Models“ when I was barely 21 years old. This was a new challenge for me, and from then on a multitude of business decisions dominated my life.
But at the same time my work in the movie business also demanded my attention, which is why it was easy to see that I would require the strong, helping hand of a person I could trust like no other in my life – my sister. Doreen had just graduated from high school when I was called away for my first Rosamunde Pilcher movie. That meant spending the next six weeks abroad, and so I asked Doreen to help me out and step in for me. It turned out that she enjoyed doing this kind of work and so this temporary position became an intense partnership, resulting in Doreen now being in charge of the German company.

The years after that were characterized by many wonderful lead roles for me, and I enjoyed the frequent stays abroad. Then, however, the Kirch crisis happened, changing the marvelous flow of work immensely. All of a sudden a lot of the projects that had already been confirmed were canceled, and less movies were being produced. Production companies that used to actualize 70 projects per year now only had a maximum of 10 projects per year. I was able to compensate for this slump by instead tending to “my baby”, as I like to call “Most Wanted Models“. The resources that I had poured into my artistic work were now being expressed in three new business ideas – “ Worldangels“ (the first social network of holistically-minded people), “Horse-Networx“ (the first social network for riders and horse lovers), and “SecondGlam“ (the first online platform for buying and selling luxury clothing).

Seeing as I had received a singing education in the children´s choir of Gotha, I wanted to further develop this aspect within me, so during that time period I took a small detour into the music world and published four singles.

In the midst of all these changes in the movie industry something happened in my life that would mark a new big phase for me. Initiated by a very intense close-death-experience, something suddenly revealed itself that I had not tended to at all in my existence thus far – my spirituality.
What I experienced was so defining and life-changing that a long search ensued. I tried to find an answer to what I had experienced in books, through teachers and in seminars. But I could not find an answer! I soon realized that none of the books, none of the teachers and none of the groups in seminars could give me an answer to my questions, and so I summarily abandoned any further search for answers there. Instead I only searched within myself.

On this path of searching, fate one day took me to Joao de Deus, the Brazilian healer, and when I stepped in front of him he told me that I would develop a gift; but he did not reveal to me what kind of gift that might be.
I had already learned not to look for answers outside of myself, and so I knew where to turn instead. Still in Brazil, I meditated for a very, very long time, until finally an answer unfolded in one of the meditations. The gift had been kindled, and I began putting into practice the next big challenge in my life – giving expression to a spiritual talent, in a world that is a lot of things, but certainly not spiritual…

I gave a few presentations on topics which I had described in my book “The basics of Being“. Then one day the TV channel Nexworld.tv approached me and offered me a new area of activity, namely becoming the host of my own program, one called “Zeitgeister” (Spirits of the time). Seeing as I had been very interested in physics and fringe science even in school, this turned out to be a stroke of luck for me, since I was now able to finally meet and talk to the scientists, authors and physicists in person, on camera and off. For me, the line between old and new physics (as these scientists call it) is blurry, and through the cooperation with these scientists I keep finding new approaches on how to push this limit.

Therefore, little by little I began to cede my previously numerous business activities and focused on only one task. At the same time, this gave me room to publish several books, guided by my gift. In 2013, I found a publishing company that wholeheartedly supported me in my efforts worldwide.

I am sure that many new tasks and challenges will still emerge in this area.
I am eager to experience those, and I am looking forward to them!

December 2014

My profile

Name:Sylvia Leifheit
Height:1,73 m
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Blond
Education:Abitur (High-school diploma/ A-levels)
Languages:German (native speaker), English, French, Russian
Hobbies:Awareness training
Favorite colors:Blue, black, white, pink
Favorite food: Fresh bread with butter
Favorite drink: Water
Favorite car:Jeep, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes M-class
Favorite actress: Grace Kelly
Favorite actor: Hugh Jackman
Favorite saying/Motto:”Those who want to will find paths, those who do not want to will find reasons“
Favorite music:Classical music, techno
Favorite singer:Armin van Buuren

Zeitgeister Questionnaire – I always ask my guests on the Zeitgeister show these questions

I am:

My life motto is:
A healthy spirit knows no problems, it finds the solution

The most wonderful moment in my life…..
Is every single moment, because I am the one creating it for myself

The most moving moment in my life….
The fall of the Wall; I knew I was really free and was able to shape my life the way I want it to be instead of within prearranged limits

The biggest hope in my life:
That people finally stop believing and start loving

For me, luxury is:

For me, getting older means:

I am afraid of:
Nothing and nobody

I am worried about:
The consequences of people´s lack of awareness

Love is:
The strongest power in the Cosmos; those who understand this can change a lot

If I was fate for one day, I would …
For the first third of the day I would like to meet Jesus and tell him what kinds of misinterpretations and consequently what kinds of cruelty and suffering his visit brought to this planet.

For the second third of the day I would correct all the impulses from which fanaticism has sprung, and for the last third I would make people so healthy that they would be unable to act in a fanatical manner. For me, mental illness and fanaticism are connected.

From among the living, I would like to meet:
Bill Gates, because he provides very smart and conscious impulses, initiating things which we are often not aware of but which leave humanity better for it.

From among the dead:
The builders of the pyramids

The biggest chance of our time:
Are all those who are revolutionizing the science of our times by recognizing and using awareness as a tool.

The biggest danger of our times is:
The fear that guides people

My message to the people:
Awareness and love are ethereal elements, just as fire, water, air and earth are the elements of our planet. Hence awareness and love, connected with the material parts of our world, can interact with one another. As long as we do not know these elements, we will only be living half the truth. I will focus my efforts on exploring these ethereal elements.

I want my last words to be:
Thank you. Love.